By G9ija

At a town hall event at the University of Abuja on Tuesday, the presidential candidate for the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, declared that sustainable lifestyles could solve climate change and other environmental issues.

He added that the AAC will phase out activities that contribute to environmental degradation.

“Our lifestyles, if properly done, cannot harm the environment.

“Our goal in the AAC is not only to address environmental problems but also to phase out the major political parties in Nigeria that are creating environmental problems,” he said.

While speaking at the “Climate Change and Environmental Concerns” program, Sowore urged the students to carefully choose the individuals they elect to lead the country, emphasizing the importance of electing individuals who are versatile and can atleast interact with students ”

The ongoing crisis of climate change has had a profound impact on the planet. Global warming has led to a rise in sea levels, resulting in widespread flooding, particularly in coastal areas such as Lagos, Nigeria. In addition, droughts in many regions of Africa can also be linked to the effects of climate change.

Speaking further, Sowore who said, “Most people think when issues of environments are being discussed, the discussion revolves around environmental sanitation, houses or growing of foods alone,” added, “whereas, the environment determines the climate change and vice versa.”

“When Ken Saro Wiwa stood up and challenged the government and the international companies, it came to most people’s awareness that the Niger Delta region is not only being destroyed but the activities of the oil drilling companies are also destroying the ozone layer above our heads,” he added.