By G9ija

A yet-to-be-identified woman has died after giving birth while trapped under rubble in the Afrin district of Aleppo.

It could be recalled that a powerful earthquake struck Syria and parts of Turkey on Monday, causing widespread destruction and claiming the lives of many residents.

According to reports, the mother, who was originally displaced from eastern Deir Ezzor, went into labor during the earthquake. Rescuers were able to pull the baby from the rubble, still attached to the umbilical cord, and provide medical attention.

The newborn baby miraculously survived, however, and is receiving medical care.

A video of the rescue effort has been widely shared on social media, showing rescuers working to save the baby as a crowd watches on.

The earthquake has caused widespread destruction, with buildings and homes reduced to rubble. The exact number of casualties is not yet known, but it is expected to be significant. Officials are working to provide aid and support to those affected, including the young survivors and their families.