By G9ija

Nigerian actress, Yetunde Bakare is calling on fathers to take DNA tests on their children to prove their paternity.

Bakare urged men to save up or borrow money to pay for the test, saying that with the increasing rate of dishonesty and paternity fraud, it is essential for every man to be able to certify himself as the biological father of his children.

“Dear men, in everything you do, please do DNA. No matter how broke you are, please save money for DNA or borrow money”, she said.

She also addressed mothers, saying they shouldn’t find it offensive if their partners ask for a paternity test for their children.

“As a woman, you shouldn’t find it offensive when your man asks for DNA at birth. With the level of dishonesty/paternity fraud, we see on daily basis.”

Bakare ended her address with a Yoruba proverb, encouraging everyone to do the right thing. : “Eni ti o je gbi ko le ku gbi (Someone who did no wrong will not be pulled down by evil deed)”.

DNA paternity testing is a crucial tool for determining the biological relationship between a child and the supposed father, particularly in cases where the rights and duties of the father are in question.