By G9ija

Nollywood actor and media personality Uti Nwachukwu has revealed the appropriate age for men to get married.

In an interview with Toke Makinwa on her podcast “Toke Moments,” Nwachukwu stated that men should not get married before the age of 40, and women should wait until they are at least 30.

He emphasized the need for individuals to fully understand and be committed to the terms of marriage before taking the plunge.

In his words: “I don’t think any man has any business marrying before 40. To me, and it doesn’t make me right. I’d say between 35 to 40.

“I don’t think any woman should be married before 30. You have to experience life as a single. You have to weigh your options and all of that.

“Apart from those that are afraid of their biological clock but then again, how many children do women want these days and please there’s technology.”

“If you don’t want to commit to somebody, don’t make it official whether in the presence of God, the government, or your family.

“Leave contract, leave the agreement. Once you agree, integrity is integrity. There’s no excuse.”

Nwachukwu’s views have garnered both support and criticism, with many taking to social media to voice their opinions on the matter.