By G9ija

A Lady is in court after she was arrested by the Nigerian police at Enugu state command.

Enugu magistrate court ordered her to pay her boyfriend, Mr. Emeka Nwankwo the sum of ₦150,000 because Emeka Nwankwo gave Chinasa Nwibeh, ₦3,000 as transport money to visit him.

Chinasa after receiving the said amount, switched off her phone.

The boyfriend went to a nearby police station and reported the case and she was arrested.

The court ordered the culprit to pay a fine of ₦100,000 with an additional interest of ₦50,000 for emotional damages, totalling ₦150,000 because the boyfriend was emotionally abused by the absence of the girlfriend.

The boyfriend, Emeka Nwankwo brought evidence to the court of the mobile money transfer made to her and all the WhatsApp messages they shared.

The Judge in her ruling said this was done to serve as a deterrent to ladies who indulge in such a criminal act