By G9ija

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State has accused Governor Ademola Adeleke of harboring thugs and being responsible for the increasing insecurity in the state.

In a statement released by its Acting Chairman, Tajudeen Lawal, the APC alleged that the PDP-led administration, since taking power in November 2022, has emboldened thugs and fostered a climate of rising insecurity.

The Media Assistant to the Governor, Oladele Bamiji, hit back at the opposition party’s accusations, stating that it was the APC’s successive administration that nurtured political thugs and provided them with state backing.

“Governor Adeleke scored zero in the statutory duty of the protection of lives and property of the people irrespective of their political leanings since he came on board. It is disturbing and worrisome that information abounds that the Ede country home of the Adelekes has become a haven for the political thugs who have been operating unhindered across the state.

“The Governor must understand that his use of thugs to oppress, suppress and subjugate the opposition would be counter-productive as history has shown that it is the same thugs that would sooner than later consume their paymaster.” APC said.

In a swift response, Governor Adeleke’s aide, Bamiji, stated that the state “the state government is aware of the potential security threat posed by remnants of armed groups that were instituted and nurtured by the previous administration in the state, particularly in the lead up to the July 2022 governorship election which led to an increase in arms proliferation throughout the state”.

He also added that these armed groups, known as “State Boys” were formally recognized and empowered by the past APC administration during internal party conflicts. The present administration is working closely with security forces to disarm and demobilize these groups within the legal framework, for the benefit of all citizens.