By G9ija


There was wild jubilation among the fans of Wizkid and his rival music star, Davido as the Wizkid hinted that he would be going on tour with Davido this year.

The news has been generating reactions from the camps of Wizkid’s fans who call themselves Wizkid FC and Davido’s 30BG with many of them celebrating what could turn out to be the biggest collaboration coming out of Africa in a long time.

The music industry has continued to wait for the music collaboration from Davido and Wizkid for some time but the duo has not been able to bring the dream to life it seems 2023 may witness the first of such collaboration.

Information pieced together by R suggested that Wizkid and his team had reached out to Davido last year and the show would have happened last year but the death of Davido’s son, Ifeanyi in November forced both camps to shelve all music plans indefinitely.

The announcement by Wizkid that a collaboration and music tour may be in the works between him and Davido sent a wave of jubilation across the entertainment industry on Thursday as fans went frenzy in the early hours of Friday despite Davido’s silence.

The reason for the jubilant mood may not be far-fetched as R learnt that the duo of Wizkid and Davido have been running a supremacy battle over the years amid the feeling that the latter is bigger than the former according to their fans’ assessment.

The message shared by Wizkid was a confirmation of Davido’s claim two years ago when he said there was meant to be music collaboration between his team and Wizkid’s but it never came to life.

Davido had even said that plans had been set in motion to give the world the biggest music collaboration and tour from two of the biggest music acts in 2020.

While Davido is yet to confirm if he would be going on tour with Wizkid, words in town suggested that he would not turn down the opportunity many of his fans have been waiting to see happen.