By G9ija

Renowned music producer Olumide Ogunade alias ID Cabasa has advised Nigerian Artists to move away from managers seeking fame in order to advance in the music industry.

The choice of an artist manager, according to Cabasa, affects the growth of the artist and can either make or break the creativity.

He emphasized the value of having a good talent manager who is very reliable in his work and who works closely with the artist, adding that a good manager shouldn’t be more concerned with their own notoriety than that of the artist.

His words; “Be careful not to have a manager that would carry the fame on their head more than the artist, those that want to be known more than the artist. Such people mostly leave the job undone, they don’t add value to the artist, rather they create problems for the artist.

“As an artist, you must avoid the “yes” manager. The type of manager that you have control over. If you need an errand boy or servant get one but don’t look for a manager that will become your yes guy. I’m not saying you should look for a rebellious manager but you need one that would reason with you. You need someone that can question some of your decisions and steps that you want to take.

“You also need a manager that can walk out of deals without fighting anybody. You must know how to reject deals that are short-changing your values. You need a manager that you can trust God for just like Burna Boy has his mom for a very long time, Wizkid has Sunday Area and Olamide has Alex.”

Cabasa has years of experience in the Nigerian music business as a producer, singer, and music executive.