By G9ija

Nollywood actor, Osagie Elegbe has advised his newlywed coworkers Peggy Ovire and Fredrick “Freddie” Leonard to refrain from posting pictures of their affection on social media.

A video of the two making a public display of affection in the automobile prompted his remark.

As his wife begged to be left alone so that she could make it to her appointment, Freddie could be seen smothering her with kisses all over her body and making fun of the fact that there weren’t any other husbands in the area.

She claims that her husband consistently delays her with his romantic gestures whenever she has an appointment.

Sharing the video, Peggy wrote: “Every damn time I’m stepping out, the appointment of 10 am, this man delayed me till 1 pm.”

Though the video garnered heartwarming responses from social media users with many gushing over the couple.

Elegbe warned the love birds against flaunting their affection on the internet.

He advised them to take a cue from persons who are already suffering the consequences of flaunting their love online.

The “Blood of Enogie’ actor said: “Another error, showing how much you love each other on SM is not desirable, there are others waiting to tear it apart. Learn from others who are already eaten their bitter pie”, he wrote.

The couple, who have been in an on-again, off-again romance since 2015, startled their fans by announcing their engagement in October.

Family, friends, and coworkers of the couple attended the traditional wedding ceremony with the hashtag #meettheleonards on November 19 in Warri, Delta State.