By G9ija

The organizers, the Nigerian National Merit Award, claimed that all 32 nominees for the 2022 edition of the Nigerian National Order of Merit, or NNOM, were ineligible.

At a news conference on Monday in Abuja, Prof. Shakarau Yakubu Aku, the chairman of the Nigerian National Merit Award Governing Board, revealed that the NNMA had received a total of 32 nominations and applications for the award.

He stated that there were four candidates in the sciences, nine in medicine, five in engineering and technology, and fourteen in the humanities.

“This year a total of 32 nominations/applications for the NNOM Award were received by the NNMA, 4 in the field of Science, 9 in Medicine, 5 in Engineering Technology and 14 in the Humanities.

“The nominations went through standard assessment process, however after going through the rigorous process of assessment exercise, none was adjourned to have merited the Nigerian National Order of Merit, NNOM Award for this year 2022. So in this year’s exercise no winner emerged.

“Each year, the NNMA advertises for nominations of candidates for the NNOM Award in the four fields of Engineering/Technology, Medicine, Humanities including Arts and Culture, and Sciences.

“The nominations go to specialized Committees which may use external assessors, when the need arises, before their recommendations are considered by a committee of Chairmen and then the Governing Board and Mr. President gives his approval”, Prof. Aku explained.

Remember that Act No. 53 of 1979, now known as LFN 122 of 2004, established the Nigerian National Merit Award (NNMA) and Act No. 96 of 1992, which amended it.

The Award is given in the fields of science, medicine, engineering/technology, and humanities, including arts and culture, and is known as the Nigerian National Order of Merit, or NNOM.

The NNMA is tasked with selecting all innovative and creative contributions across all spheres of human endeavor and honoring exceptional contributions with the NNOM.