By G9ija

A Yoruba self-determined under the aegis of the official Yoruba Self-Determination Movement has responded to some claims being circulated that Yoruba Nation has been declared.

In its press statement on Wednesday, the Secretary and Directorate of Diplomacy YSDM & Press, Kayode Emola said “we wish to respond to the claims that Yoruba nation has been declared. Such claims were circulated widely on multiple social media platforms on 20th November 2022. These claims are false, not only misleading, but having the dangerous potential to destabilise the true and legal route of self-determination.

“Since the beginning of our struggle circa 2018, we have sought to employ only peaceful methods, utilising the legal instruments outlined in international law and the Nigerian constitution’s provision for self-determination. These methods have not changed.

“The only person authorised to speak on behalf of the Yoruba Self-Determination Movement is our leader, Professor Banji Akintoye. We therefore caution all Yoruba people to be wary of believing anything reported by other sources.

“Professor Akintoye will be making the official announcement of the Yoruba Big Rally in the coming weeks through the official website We urge our faithful Yoruba public to wait patiently for its release. In the meantime, we ask you to be vigilant in your avoidance of being misled by false claims from unauthorized persons.”