By G9ija

On Wednesday, November 24, Nalkur Zwalnan Lar, a final-year student at the Federal University of Kashere (FUK), Gombe State, put an end to it all.

The student from the Faculty of Education who committed suicide in Kashere town’s Santuraki neighborhood began by taking poison, but when it didn’t work right away, he climbed a tree and hung himself.

According to reports, Lar left behind a note in which he thanked his elder brothers “for everything they have done for him and urged his mother, who he described as the best mother on earth to take it easy with herself.”

He named the people to whom he owed money and explained how they may get their money back. He claims that despite his father’s wealth, he does not understand the purpose of life because he cannot afford a smart phone that costs N50,000.

He also claimed that his girlfriend had betrayed him. He apologized to several people he only referred to as Favour and Comfort.

Suleyman Malami Ahmed, the head of information and protocol at FUK, confirmed the incident and stated that the university would release information about its investigation once it was finished.