By G9ija

Some fans at the FIFA World Cup 2023 in Qatar have been seen in a viral video chanting “We want beer!” in front of a beer stand.

The crowd remained peaceful but bemoaned the late opening of the bar.

According to a fan, they are happy there is beer, but they caused panic among the crowd by opening 7pm instead of 6:30pm.

The tournament kicked off on November 20 with some stern rules asking women to dress modestly with sleeves long pants or skirts and no-alcohol-selling clause at stadium.

The decision of Qatar, to insert such rules, has generated a lot of controversies.

Ever since Qatar was awarded hosting rights of the mammoth event more than a decade ago, local organisers and global soccer leaders had insisted that beer would be made available for fans.

However, the message changed two days before the opening match, insisting that only non-alcoholic drinks would be served during the game.