By G9ija

Two foremost non-governmental organisations, Servelead Humanitarian Initiative and Social Good Fund California, have trained 45 youths on public speaking and good communication skills.

The Director, Fiscal Sponsorship, Social Good Fund, California, Mr Oliver Hack, at the end of the LEADERCOM Professional Speaking for Change makers training in Abuja, said, said it was imperative to build the youths on communication skills for them to become great world leaders.

He explained that the Social Good Fund California was working with young Nigerians to increase their capacity to be leaders and great communicators.

He said: “So, we are developing their abilities to feel comfortable in public speaking, to understand what their own truths are, and to share those with the world.

“First of all, I have an enormous amount of admiration for Nigerians.  I think that that Nigerians have taught me so much about resilience, about strength, about courage and about the human experience. Every time I come to Nigeria, I learned something new and I am just amazed by the youth.

”What I would say is, stay true in your truth, do everything you can to know yourself better and to express yourself in the world.

“It is the human journey to go as deeply as possible into yourself in order to let that light shine and I can not imagine a better place to do it than Nigeria.”

On his part, Executive Director, Servelead Humanitarian Initiative, Mr Oyewole Joledo, said the programme sought to develop the capacities of Nigerian youth to give them the platform to learn how to be leaders.

Joledo said this was because the organisation strongly believed that good leaders should be good communicators.

He said: “That is why we are giving them that that platform to learn how to communicate efficiently, and to also bring their messages not just to a local stage, but to a global stage.

“Why not now? That is the question we should be asking, why not now when Nigeria needs new leaders, new, refined leaders that can lead a generation of youth and also lead us to the next level of development? We need leaders that communicate efficiently and get people enlisted to their vision.’’

According to Joledo, since the start of the Initiative, a total of 70 persons had been trained in two training sessions in 2019 and 2022. He disclosed that the organisation was currently training over 45 persons.

He explained that the criteria for choosing the candidate was that they must be change makers as well as have the willingness to give back to the communities.

He added that, “They must also be willing to commit five good days to learning, relearning and deploying what they learned to the greater Nigerian public.”’

In the same vein, Manager/Team Leader, Servelead Humanitarian Initiative Ms Martha Eginiwin, said the training was to equip young persons with the necessary skills they need to lead various platforms in their various industries and in the nation .

She said that both oganisations focused on human capital development for the people, for the planet and for Nigeria .

Eginiwin said both organisations had built schools and had given scholarships to children and had provided clean water to under-served communities. All that she said was an effort to make humanity better.

One of the participants, Mr Godwin Ogunsanya, said the training had helped him to build his communication skills .

Ogunsanya said that this would enable him to effectively communicate his visions, ideas and the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) to potential partners, the authorities, the government and communities.

Ms Saeedah Islam, another participant, said the workshop had helped her to build her confidence level and communication skills.

The training is sponsored by the Social Good Fund California in partnership with Servelead Humanitarian Initiative.