By G9ija

Covenant University in Ota, Ogun State, has sacked a member of staff accused of sexual assault.

Insiders describe how some personnel pressure students into having sex in a currently popular discussion.

Hall monitors, medical staff working in schools, and security officers are among those listed.

“The staff in Covenant University are raping the students”, a viral chat reads.

“They’ll set stupid rules and, if the students should break them, they sleep with them in exchange for their studentship.”

The anonymous individual said a girl was in coma after “an abortion for the head of the student disciplinary council”.

“He got her pregnant and still expelled her. So many students there are being abused”, the chat added.

The private institution’s Alumni Committee acknowledged receiving the complaint last week.

The executive council claimed that they got involved to comprehend the problems and what needed to be done.

“One of the people called out many times on social media appeared before the staff disciplinary committee.

“The management has terminated his employment”, a statement announced.

The council made it clear that it would keep in touch with the school administration and inform the general public.Covenant University Sacks Staff Over Forced Sex With Students Covenant University Sacks Staff Over Forced Sex With Students