By G9ija

According to The Verge, hundreds of Twitter employees chose to leave the firm today rather than sign up for “Twitter 2.0” under Elon Musk. Earlier this week, Musk addressed the workforce, saying that moving forward, Twitter will be “very hardcore,” with employees expected to put in long hours at high intensity. Only exceptionally well-performing work will result in a passing mark, he declared.

Employees were asked to fill out a Google form on Wednesday by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time if they wanted to continue working for the company. Numerous people made the decision not to and said their goodbyes on Twitter and Slack. A severance package will be given to departing staff.

About half of the 7,500 people at Twitter were fired when Musk took over the company, and he has since continued to fire workers who have been critical of him, including longtime engineers.

According to Twitter employees who spoke with reporters, given the number of people who have left, Twitter could “start breaking soon” and recovering from this situation will be “very difficult for Twitter.”

Twitter briefly shut down all office buildings and suspended badge access due to the employee exodus. Zo Schiffer claims that Musk and his staff are “terrified that employees will damage the enterprise.”