By G9ija

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, has once again turned to social media to offer her followers the secret to a successful marriage.

The actress posted a picture of herself and her husband, MC Fish, via her Instagram page today.

She revealed that her husband does not make a decision without asking her first, noting that he seeks her opinion on everything.

Anita also clarified that she does the same in return and asks for his approval and judgment when necessary.

According to the mother of one, adopting this mentality is key to creating a happy home as well as having a spiritual connection with one’s spouse.

She wrote, “He was my boyfriend before he became my Husband.

“My husband never makes any decision without asking me first.

“He needs my opinion in everything.

“And trust me it works perfectly, I do the same. I can’t do a thing without telling my hubby.

“These are one of the little secrets to a successful marriage.

“Spiritual connection between you and your partner is very important.”