By Gija

Dr. Pogu was Monday in Makurdi to react to the list of 19 most wanted terrorist kingpins/commanders released by the military high command and the bounty of N5m for the arrest of each of the terrorists.

He said, “the military has high intelligence than you and I. The DMI, DIA, and lots of their other organizations have lots of intel than all of us.

“Now if they feel that these wanted terrorists are not easy to hunt and that they need public assistance, so be it. Nobody will say no if something will add value to our situation.

“But the truth remains that I believe these people know where they are. All this while when Nigerians are lamenting and crying, I believe our military has adequate intel to track these people. To me, it is more of a diversion than what it really should be.

“So let the military put its acts together and let’s make progress. We know that our military is capable of routing this thing out from wherever it is so that we can have peace in this country. So let’s watch and see the genuineness of whatever they have said.

“But my belief all along which is true is that our security services have adequate information and they have the capacity and capability to nip it in the bud all along, it’s just that Nigeria has become something else, may God help us.”