By G9ija

Okechukwu Onyegbule, aka Okey Bakassi, has advised people against rituals and kidnapping.

The comedian and actor made the remark after sharing Forbes latest list of Top 10 richest men in the world.

The list, which had America’s Elon Musk at number one, with an estimated wealth of $219 billion, and Indian’s Guatam Adani with $90.7 billion at number 10, had no African.

Okey Bakassi noted that people with the easy money syndrome should come to the realisation that wealth can never be gotten through rituals or kidnapping, but striving diligently at a legitimate cause.

He advised ritualists and kidnappers to quit wasting human lives because they would never amass wealth with their enterprise.

The media personality wrote: “No African money ritualists or kidnappers made the list.

“Most on the list made their money from technology.

“Money rituals don’t work, stop wasting human lives. #realitycheck .”