By G9ija

The book is written by Tania Omotayo, an acclaimed model, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and the owner of the famous fashion house “Ziva Lagos”. Illustrated by Chike Obasi, the book is poised to reconnect young Africans in the diaspora to their roots.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the book and why it was an important project for the company, the Co-founder of Kunda Kids, Mrs. Louisa Olafuyi noted that “Children should be encouraged to embrace their culture, which positively impacts how they see themselves and embrace others too. For example, Sarai’s Culture Day shows parents and teachers how to do this by connecting through cultural items such as music, fashion, food, and history. The groundbreaking children’s book also touches on soft critical skills such as kindness, advocacy, self-acceptance, and anti-bullying.” She explained.

On her part, the author of ‘Sarai’s Culture Day’ Tania Omotayo advises young people to know that their originality is their superpower! Noting that Sarai’s Culture Day’ is inspired by her three-year-old daughter, Sarai.

Omotayo concluded “I want young people to understand that they are uniquely perfect just the way they are, irrespective of race, religion, and culture. “Always be proud of where you come from; there can only ever be one you!”