By G9ija

The video gives off such a cool, calm, homey, and clean vibe that makes you feel the most relaxed you have felt in ages. The simplicity of the video speaks to Ob’s persona and the entire mood of the song. Having such a nice tune to it, !go is a song you put on to relax, unwind, and soften up.

Ob’s debut EP is titled! Love is a body of work that not only soothes the ears of its listeners but also passes on strong heartfelt messages. Ob, as an infused-soul artiste has brought his genre-bending rhythms to this 3-track EP; with songs cutting across genres such as Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, and R&B.

!Love is a bold, heartfelt outing, a textbook on how to put yourself first and why you need to do it urgently.

According to Ob, this EP is inspired by personal experiences and a lack of self-love over the years. He said: “We need to take care of ourselves. It is something we gloss over so much. Procrastinating fitness, giving the wrong people multiple chances, and remaining in toxic relationships (could be work, friendships, courtships, or even marriages), then time runs out and we beat ourselves up even more. This is the reason for! Love is as much a correction as it is a hug, it is as much a warning as it is an encouragement. I want people to listen to the songs and feel the need to take it easy”.

With! Love, Ob is set to take music lovers through deep thoughts about topics that arise in every group discussion, every personal conversation, and every written script.

The 18-year-old singer cum songwriter hails from Delta State and started his musical journey at the age of 6. He made his debut in the industry in 2021, with the release of his lead single! go which is a 90s R&B ballad. The EP comprises two other songs; “dang” which is a daring boom-bap track that is built upon a classical piano piece and “!Yawa” which is a fun afrobeat song that makes you want to get on your feet.