By G9ija

Nabila Fash, the wife of singer Oritsefemi, has disclosed that their marriage has packed up and that she has filed for divorce.

Fast disclosed this on Thursday in an interview with leader of the Free the Sheeple movement, Daddy Freeze.

She noted that the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when he fathered a child while they were still married and trying to have their own child.

She disclosed that Oritsefemi had two daughters from two different women before they met and that she took those girls as her own daughters.

She stated that the singer got another lady pregnant while they were dating and were about to get married and welcomed another daughter with the woman.

Fash, who is a Public Relations guru, mentioned that the singer was physical with her twice, but that she mostly suffered emotional and verbal abuse from him while they were married.

She noted that the marriage with the singer affected her mentally as it changed her personality.

Fash said she had to deal with Oritsefemi constantly cheating with different women.

She mentioned that several women even reached out to her to inform her that he was hitting on them and even sent proof.

She said she was mentally distraught to the extent she even created a group where she invited all the women he was cheating with and had them meet themselves.

While some were shocked, others said they did not know he was married.

She stated that after a while she became numb to his cheating.

Fash said Oritsefemi was expecting a son with the fourth woman during the period he came online to ask the public to help beg her when she moved out of their home because he was physically abusive towards her.

She said Oritsefemi is not accepting the divorce as he believes they would reconcile and do another photo-op to pretend they were the couple to beat.

Meanwhile, in early October, Oritsefemi shared a photo of a little boy on his IG page and tagged it: “’My prince.”