By G9ija

The Administrative Secretary of the Independent National Electoral Commission in Anambra State, Jude Okwuonu, has reassured Nigerians that results of the 2023 General Elections will be transmitted electronically to the commission’s web server.

He made the remark at a one-day Voter Education and Sensitisation Workshop for Media Personnel held on Thursday.

The training was held at the commission’s headquarters in Awka, Anambra State.

Okwuonu said that steps were being taken “for actual voting to attain electronic status at an appropriate time”.

He added: “With the passage of the 2022 Electoral Act (as amended) and the new digital or electronic innovations by INEC, the body is good to go and no excuses in the conduct of 2023 polls.”

Okwuonu reaffirmed the commission’s commitment to give the country free, fair and credible elections.

He, therefore, allayed the fear being entertained by “the doubting Thomases,” assuring them “that next year’s election results will be transmitted electronically”.

He further addressed the apprehension in some quarters that hackers would have a field day into INEC’s systems, saying that Nigerians should not worry.

“This time, INEC has put in place water-tight measures to make its electronic devices for the general elections superb and impregnable for hackers,” he said.

He also said that the commission had put in place multiple plans to foil any attempt by hackers.

“The Electoral Act 2022 and INEC innovations are reasons people now have interest and confidence in the 2023 General Elections,” he said.

Okwuonu, therefore, charged the media to rise to the occasion to educate and sensitise the electorate and politicians to actively participate in the entire electoral process.

Also, the Head of Department, Information Communication Technology and Voter Registration, Emeka Nnaji, further spoke on the level of sophistication the commission had attained between 2020 and 2021 towards ensuring that its electronic devices were not hacked into.

“We are using cloud system in our devices, which is a most efficient and reliable saving system,” Nnaji said.

The Head of Voter Education and Publicity, George Edeani, underscored the need for media partnership for INEC to succeed.

Edeani appealed to the media to mobilise voters, monitor violators of electoral laws and regulations and expose them for punitive measures.

The Head, Legal Services, Sunny Nwaigboke, expressed delight that the 2022 Electoral Act “has empowered the commission to conduct the elections electronically”.

According to Nwaigboke, the law has laid a stronger foundation to guarantee credible exercise in 2023.