By G9ija

Emmanuel Oluwakoya, who was reported missing after he boarded a bus at Berger Bus Stop, Lagos State and was found few days later, has given an account of his ordeal with his kidnappers.

The Eagle Online had reported that Oluwakoya, 21, a 400 Level student, went missing on October 19, 2022.

This was after leaving home around 7am.

The 21-year-old was said to be on his way to the Lekki, Lagos State office of the Industrial Training Fund to submit a Student Industrial Work Experience document when he entered a bus allegedly operated by kidnappers.

However, in a voice note obtained by the Eagle Online, the 21-year-old was not kidnapped in the bus.

According to Oluwakoya’s family friend, who shared they story, he got to the ITF office, but discovered that it was no longer in the place.

While he waited, pondering about the new address, he noticed that two men crossed from the other side of the street and came to talk to him.

As they got him to talk to them, they hypnotised him and he entered a bus which showed up in front of the building along with the two men.

The female family friend who shared the story narrated: “When he boarded the bus from Berger going to Lekki, he actually got down from the bus.

“So, he entered the street of where he was going to and when he got there, he discovered that the company had moved from that place.

“So, he started thinking of how to get their new address.

“While he was still thinking, two men crossed from the other side of the street and started talking to him.

“However, he didn’t answer them because he is a stammerer, but one of them now started harassing him and in that process, they probably hypnotised him as a bus came and he walked into the bus.

“As he entered the bus along with the two men, he saw another person.

“They drove the bus to an undisclosed location and when the got there, they rubbed a substance on their bodies and said some incantations, which they asked them to repeat.

“The man in the bus repeated the incantation and went paralysed immediately.

“So they took him away.

“When it was Emmanuel’s turn, he chanted the incarnations and nothing happened to him.

“They took him away from there and locked him up in a room till they brought another set of enchanters to repeat the same procedure on Emmanuel, but the incarnations still didn’t have effect on him.

“So, they left him there.

“According to Emmanuel, in the room where they left him, he got out of the room and went to retrieve his MTN line and walked back to the place rather than running away.

“They later started contemplating on what to do with him since the charms were not working on him.

“So, they decided to let him go and packed all his belongings.

“They didn’t collect his money, but they took his phone because they were using his phone to text his mother all the while.

“After they packed all his belongings, he asked them for transportation fare and they gave him N2,500.

“And they directed him on how to locate the main road, which was about an hour walking distance from the kidnappers den.

Then he saw someone who took him from Lekki and brought him to Ogba, where the mother went to pick him.”