By G9ija

Human rights activist, Kola Edokpayi, has commended one of his friends who married a second wife on Sunday, May 8.

According to Edokpayi, the man married another woman with the approval of his first wife.

“Today, the 8th day of May, 2022, we attended the marriage of my Follower who got married to his second wife with the approval of his first wife,” he wrote.

We are gradually winning the fight to legalize Polygamy in our system. We need to go back to our root.

The White Men who demonized Polygamy and brought monogamy to Africa but adopt lesbianism and homosexualism are our enemies that want our girls to remain single on the streets while they indirectly practice polygamy with the high rate of divorce.

We should not wait for the White Men to legalize Polygamy for us as Africans before we adopt it.

I want to appeal to our Churches to approve the wedding of a man getting married to a second wife.

Congratulations to Comrade. You have demonstrated that you are a real man. God bless you.