By: g9ija

AS part of this year’s project for girl-child empowerment, the Rotary Club of Lagos Island, District 9110 has commenced the vaccination of 2,000 girls against cervical cancer.

Speaking during the investiture ceremony of the 7th President of Rotary Club of Lagos Island, Anant Sabat, the District Governor, Omotunde Lawson, said: “We will empower and enlighten the girls about cervical cancer, which is only cancer that is preventable at vaccination, so the process is ongoing. We have started vaccinating many and the plan is to vaccinate about 2000 girls.”

Also speaking, the President of the Rotary Club of Lagos Island, Mr Anant Sabat, said: “Friends, as we embark on our journey in this imaginative year, every day has been a great day full of learning and allows us to shape us to face new exciting challenges on the way while serving society.