By: g9ija,lagos

A US Republican Texas senator, Ted Cruz was booed and insulted at Bronx stadium where New York Yankees and Houston Astros met in a basketball game on Sunday evening.

According to Blavity, Cruz, an Astros fan enjoyed that his team won 6-5 over the Yankees but was greeted with boos and various hostile gestures including being shown middle fingers and thumbs down by Americans.

Aside from the insults received at the stadium, Cruz’s picture and footage also went online where he had 3,000 likes, but the one where fans gave him a middle finger with insults attracted 30,000.

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“Mets fan here feeling appreciation for and pride in these Yankees fans,” one Twitter user wrote. “Thanks for showing Ted Cruz exactly how we feel about him in New York City.”      

Another footage that surfaced online overnight showed several spectators at the Yankee Stadium booing the junior senator—who wore Astros colours—calling him a racist and telling him to “go back to Cancun.”

Americans booing Ted Cruz with a middle finger and thumb down (Photo: The Guardian UK)

In another close-up clip shared to TikTok, Cruz continued to wave and pause for photos seemingly unmoved as Yankee fans are heard shouting “f–k you” and “get out of New York.”

In February, Cruz criticised President Joe Biden saying he vowed to nominate and confirm the first Black woman to the US Supreme Court.

The senator described it as “offensive” and said Biden’s pledge to nominate a Black woman sent a message to other Americans that they were automatically “ineligible” because of race and gender.