By G9ija

American rapper, Kanye West who lost his billionaire status today after Adidas pulled out of a deal with him over his anti-Semitic comments, is suffering yet another loss as Gap is now taking “immediate steps” to remove all Yeezy products from their stores and site amid Kanye West’s anti-Semitic comments.

While the retailer ended its relationship with the rapper last month, Page Six reported that President & CEO of Gap Brands Mark Breitbard confirmed that they would continue with “upcoming Yeezy Gap launches and releases in the pipeline, as planned”.

However, in the wake of West’s “White Lives Matter” and anti-Semitic comments which have seen Adidas, Balenciaga, Vogue and more cut ties with him, Gap is taking steps to quickly get rid of their Yeezy stock.

Gap said in a statement shared on its website;

“In September, Gap announced ending its Yeezy Gap partnership. Our former partner’s recent remarks and behavior further underscore why.

”We are taking immediate steps to remove Yeezy Gap product from our stores and we have shut down

“Antisemitism, racism and hate in any form are inexcusable and not tolerated in accordance with our values. On behalf of our customers, employees and shareholders, we are partnering with organizations that combat hate and discrimination.”

West originally terminated the 10-year partnership which was announced in 2020, with his first style available to shop in 2021 due to allegations that the brand did not follow through on their promises to release certain styles and open dedicated Yeezy stores.