The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has issued Draft Guidelines on Contactless Payments, which prides that all such transactions must be linked to accounts with Bank Verification Numbers

In a circular referenced: PSM/DIR/PUB/CIR/01/040 and dated October 17, 2022, the apex bank said that the guidelines were part of its efforts to standardise operations in the payments system and to sustain system’s stability in the country’s banking industry.

Contactless payments involves the consummation of financial transactions without physical contacts between the payer and acquiring devices which have been identified as innovative option for safe and efficient conduct of low-value large volume  payments.

It said that the draft guidelines were “conceived to ensure that participants in the contactless payments implement appropriate risk management processes and measures while keeping to best relevant standards.”

According to the circular, only institutions licensed by the CBN shall serve as acquirers.

It also stipulated that acquirers who engage contactless payments in Nigeria must ensure that all their contactless devices were connected to an account or Bank Verification Number and ensure that they adhered strictly to the set contactless transaction limits.

In addition, acquirers who engage in contactless payments “shall ensure that their applications, instruments, tokens and devices meet current standards and specifications  for contactless payments.”

CBN said that the draft guidelines were being exposed to banks, other financial institutions and the general public for their inputs which should reach the Director, Payments Systems Management Department, last November 5, 2022.