—Describes the collapsed bridge as existential emergence that need immediate reconstruction.

The traditional ruler of the Ossomala community in Ogbaru Local Government Area, Anambra State, His Royal Highness, Igwe Victor Awaogu, yesterday appealed to the Federal and Anambra State governments to enter into an agreement toward reconstruction of last week’s collapsed Onukwu bridge located in Ossomala.

The bridge was said to have collapsed following flooding that is currently ravaging the entire Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Describing the collapse of the bridge as an ‘existential emergency’ that need immediate attention and reconstruction without further delay, the monarch appealed to the Federal to assist Anambra State governments to commence immediate reconstruction of the bridge to alleviate the pains of Ogbaru people who are currently battling with a flood that took over the council area.

Ogbaru council area is one of the local government Areas in Anambra State that is terribly being devastated by flood, and the subsequent collapse of the bridge has aggravated the problem.

With the collapse of the bridge, towns like Ossomala, Mputu, Obeagwe, Akili-Ozizor, Ogwu-Aniocha and Ogwu-Ikpele, the home town of the member representing Ogbaru Federal Constituency, in the House of Representatives, Hon. Chukwuka Onyema, is now totally cut off from the rest of Ogbaru communities the state and the South East in general.

According to Igwe Awaogu, “Anambra State government need to enter into an agreement with the Federal Government for the immediate reconstruction of the bridge, with a view to getting a refund of the money spent for its reconstruction.”

“The greatest problem the entire Ogbaru people are facing now is the collapse of that bridge which is the only link Ogbaru council area has with other parts of the state, South East and Rivers State.

“You know that bridge is on Federal road, the only road that connects Ogbaru council area with the rest of Anambra communities South East and Rivers State, we are in deep pain. Onukwu bridge is the same place the boat mishap that killed people last week, with scores sustaining various degrees of injuries, happened.

“The collapse of that bridge is the greatest devastation Ogbaru people have witnessed in recent times. It is the greatest existential emergency facing the Ogbaru people now. It is a horrible thing that has happened to Ogbaru people.

“That bridge is a centre of Ogbaru, it links almost all the towns in Ogbaru. We are completely cut off from ourselves and the entire people of Anambra State and South East and Rivers State.

“it is very painful to us that after lives were lost at that bridge, it has collapsed and more than 20 communities in Ogbaru who use the bridge, are trapped now, it is a terrible devastating situation for Ogbaru people, it is an existential emergency that needs immediate attention without further delay.

“Beyond that bridge is where the oil that is giving the state the status of oil-producing state. That Anambra State is getting 13 percent derivation fund for oil-producing state, is that bridge that links the three major communities of Ossoamala, Ogwuaniocha and Ogwuikpeke, where oil is being tapped now, and other oil communities in Ogbaru Local Government Area. So that bridge calls for an emergency now. Its reconstruction should commence immediately.”