Popular businessman Obi Cubana has urged Nigerian youths to stay away from associating with toxic people.

He also warned people never to raise their hands to violently hit a person.

The 47-year-old businessman on his Instagram page, admonished young people to avoid violence no matter the situation, adding it’s better to walk away from a toxic situation being a coward.

He wrote, “Dear Youth!!! Today, I’m here to offer advice. Whatever the circumstance, Whatever the situation, NEVER you raise your hands on a fellow human!!! Wife; Husband; Boyfriend; Girlfriend; Child; House help; Staff; WHOEVER!!! Be a “coward”…..walk away!!! Be the “loser”……walk away!!! Be the “weak one”……walk away!!!.”

He further added saying, “Domestic violence is a NO NO!!!, office or workplace violence or abuse is a NO! Nobody deserves to be ever raised hands upon……NOBODY!!!! Hold your anger, swallow your pride. Walk away!!! We are here in this world temporarily, to enjoy! We don’t need the pain, we don’t need the agony! Use the energy positively, share love!!! Walk away from toxic people.”

“Walk away from toxic environment, walk away from toxic situations. He/she who stays alive, tells a story….. Listen to this, thank me later!!!.”