By G9ija

Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, on Monday outlined some of his plans for the Northern region if elected next year.

Mr Obi made the revelations during his talk at the Arewa Joint Committee Interactive Session in Kaduna.

He noted that improving security, agriculture and education will be some of his top targets for the region.

“We will offer immediate and decisive long-lasting and permanent-effect resolution of all security challenges in the North,” he said

“Ensure that farmers return to all farmlands for the 2023 farming Season. We will make Nigeria’s arable land in the North her new oil and gold;

“As part of our Marshall Plan for Education, we will foster Federal intervention in education at all levels in the North and partnership with State Governments and international organizations in order to improve access to affordable and quality education at all levels.”

He added that his administration will “ensure very adequate representation in government, equitable appointments especially in the Security and Economic Sectors.”

Mr Obi noted that he will also work on reviving the “moribund cotton and textile industries” and “ensure very generous deployment and allocation of economic and social projects and infrastructure in the North.”