A prominent radio DJ was found dead over the weekend in the woods in Essex, UK.

Koray Alpergin, a 43-year-old Turkish DJ who owns the London station Bizim FM, was found by Essex Police near Loughton on Saturday, October 15, following reports a man and woman were missing.

Three men were arrested in the Kent area on suspicion of murder and remain in custody.

Turkish media claimed the pair were kidnapped from their home.

Radio DJ Koray Alpergin found dead in woods

Tributes to the popular DJ have flooded in.

Altan Akturk wrote on social media: “My dear friends from London on my page; My friend and colleague dear Koray and his girlfriend, who are well known to the public in London, have unfortunately been missing since Thursday.”

Another friend, under the Facebook name Bay HIC, wrote: “The description of the death of my friend and colleague, dear Koray, whom the society in London knows very well, is an impossible pain and sadness…

“I wish condolences and patience to all those who love him, especially his family. May Allah have mercy upon them. Amen.”