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Obi Goes To School: Man Task Obidient Followers After South East Women Rallies For Tinubu

This was posted in the comments section of a Nairaland post after Imo State was shut down today, with thousands of South East women endorsing Tinubu.

When it comes to spending money on electoral campaigns, Obidients have a misleading impression that only Obidients who attend rallies are patriotic, while crowds seen at other parties are financially induced.

It’s nauseating when the Obidients accuse other political parties of hiring crowds for rallies while pretending their crowd is organic and not bought.

Any crowd for Tinubu is a paid crowd according to these children that think to be Obidient is by force.

So, today, women in the South East demonstrated to their counterparts on Lagos Island that they, too, can proudly and in large numbers express their love and affection for Tinubu.

As usual, these people began calling them names, claiming that it was all for the peanuts they could get from Tinubu. This appropriate response from a respondent exemplifies the Obedients’ folly.

“By the way, with all the magnitude of hate Igbo people keep throwing at Tinubu, it is a thing of big shame that their mothers will collect #500 naira each from Tinubu’s hand to March and carry his banner in faraway Imo.

If Tinubu can get them to rally for #500, don’t you think he can buy their votes for #1k each on Election Day?

With all the delusion from Obituarists, one would think it is a taboo displaying Tinubu banner in the SE let alone have thousands of women March for him openly. Imo for Jagaban!

God bless Igbo women. These are our mothers, aunts, sisters, and nieces.

This outpour of love for Tinubu is inspiring.”

My people say person wey bend down dey look another man yansh no sabi say him don open him own yansh for ground as cinema for others to dey look.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy.