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Chibuzor Opara is an elder brother of the late Claret Opara-Bassey, a Calabar-based lawyer who reportedly died in a crash while chasing her husband who fled when she saw him with his alleged lover on Sunday, September 18. Opara speaks to  news reoports about the tragic incident

How are you related to the deceased?

I am her elder brother. I am the seventh child in the family. She was the ninth. We are 10 siblings.

Tell us more about the late Claret.

She was a lawyer. She was practising in Calabar. She was a very vibrant and jovial woman. She was a good sister. She was tolerant.

Is it true that the man identified by media reports as Sunday Bassey, who she was running after before the fatal crash, is her husband?

Of course.

For how long were they married?

It should be more than 15 years.

How many children do they have?

They have three intelligent and beautiful children. The first should be more than 15 years old.

Did she ever complain to you about her husband or accuse him of not behaving responsibly?

Let me put it this way, in marriages, there are challenges. There will be disagreements. Maybe with her knowledge of my previous temperament, she was not telling me much.

Why did you say so? Was she concerned that you might overreact?

Perhaps, there was a time I heard about a disagreement she had with her husband and I told her that I would go to Calabar and confront her husband but she told me not to come. I know the husband but she advised me to let it be.

What do you know about the husband?

What I mean is we are friends. From my knowledge of him, he is lively to an extent. We take our in-laws as part of our family.

Did she complain to you or the family about her husband cheating on her?

Cheating? My sister knew that he was cheating. She did not actually tell me as a complaint but in passing, she mentioned that.

Did she specifically tell you what she observed?

The way she spoke about it showed that she knew that he sometimes engaged his female friends. My sister knew that her husband, from time to time, was cheating.

Do you know for how long he had been doing that?

I think it was two years ago that I heard her saying such but from what I have been reading on social media, it looks like she told her friends about her travels more than she did to me.

Was this something that was a concern to you and your siblings, especially since she did not reveal details of her worry about her husband’s behaviour?

Many men engage in extramarital affairs. It is quite common and it depends on how one sees life or their religious or social conviction. When a man cheats, a woman prays not to get entangled with what he is doing outside. There was never a day the family sat to talk about what the man was doing. I never expected this (her death) to happen. A husband and a wife can disagree or even fight but after disagreeing, they make up.