By G9ija

Veteran entertainer and activist Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy has stated he can’t account for some of his children and grandchildren.

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In a video he shared via his Instagram page, the controversial showbiz man recalled living a wayward and promiscuous life as a youth.

He said while his mates were in school studying, he was busy sleeping with different women and getting them pregnant.

‘Reminiscing’ on his wayward days Area Fada said: “Yeparipa! Life funny o!! I remember when I dey young eh….you know…My mates dey school, na so I dey impregnate women up and down.

“Naim I con get 10 children, 16 grand children. I no know where dem dey. Some no even dey register. See life?!”

He also recalled the period he married and divorced several women until he eventually met his wife.

He continued: “I remember one time in my life, I marry this person, I marry this one, I divorce am. I marry that person, I divorce am.

“Naim I come meet one woman. I don dey there o, for 45years. She dey look me, I dey look am. We no know wetin to take ourselves do.”

Speaking of his bike which he thought he would never be able to do without at some point in his life, the 72-year-old Charly Boy added: “I remember one time in my life wey I say if I die, dem go bury me with my bike.

“I dey carry bike, I don go South Africa. I carry bike, I go London. I come back.

“I no know say….see na for the past five years I never ride bike.”