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If Tinubu Is Allegedly Pocketing Lagos State Funds, What Funds Are Then Used To Develop The State? Matters Arising
If Lagos Is In Tinubu’s Pocket What Then Is Used To Develop The State?

No one is born great; great people become great while others sleep. African Proverb

Everyone desires success, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Being famous or a celebrity can attract stalkers, and the successful man cannot do things that the average person can.

As the 2023 presidential election draws near, a great deal of speculation, opinion, and misinformation is flying in all directions with the sole intent of either elevating or debasing a candidate.

Many people have questioned why Tinubu’s campaign organization refuses to campaign with Buhari’s current achievements and instead campaigns with Lagos state achievements.

First and foremost, Tinubu has stated repeatedly that he will continue to campaign on Buhari’s legacies, so who am I to say Tinubu has not campaigned on Buhari’s achievements, which are becoming more visible by the day?

Today’s focus is on why Tinubu would continue to campaign on the achievements of Lagos state, which is undeniably Nigeria’s most successful state, and why the opposition is so full of hatred and HYPOCRISY.

Because Lagos State is only represented by Tinubu in the race, it is understandable that other candidates cannot even mention their state as a model for what they can do as president and then deceptively point to Tinubu, who laid a foundation of development and, above all, continuity in his state.

People say Tinubu has pocketed Lagos, yet Lagos is now Africa’s third largest economy, with everyone vying to be a part of the success story of Lagos.

If Tinubu has Lagos in his pockets, as they claim, his children are in charge, his wife is the driver, his boy Mc Oluomo is the minister of transportation, or whatever else they attribute to him, why is it that Lagos continues to excel while other states like Anambra and Adamawa struggle in every way? And these States are not in anyone’s pocket.

Where does the money come from for the development of Lagos if Tinubu, as claimed, makes all the decisions? But because hatred has been infused into them by hypnosis, they think with their brains stuffed inside their anus.

Tatafo people everywhere, Tinubu na pocket Lagos yet you say make he no campaign with Lagos State, no b juju b dat? Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter.

Lagos has one of the strongest economies in Africa, which means that, if necessary, it can run independently of Nigeria.

So, if Lagos State money is in Tinubu’s pocket, who is releasing funds for the amazing development seen in Lagos today? Eko Atlantic is Africa’s new destination hub, and the Lagos Blue Rail Lines and others in the works are the envy of all other African countries.

Tinubu, I suppose, is paying for the healthcare facilities, international standard schools, fire fighting service, civil service, and everything else that serves as an example of good governance.

So if we have to be mad like them then it is easier to say Tinubu feeds every Lagosian and the State itself.

Sometimes it is good we put ourselves in the same “Foolish” boat with traducers, and say yes Tinubu is responsible for their sucess and livelihood in Lagos since he alone pockets the money accrued to Lagos and yet the State is moving to become amongst the greatest cities in the World.

To avoid mental disorders, I sometimes recommend that we take our medications at the appropriate times. Tinubu has no choice but to put up with the constant negativity directed at him; it is the price the Jagaban must pay for success.

They were sleeping when Tinubu was busy building Lagos; now that they have awoken, lies are their stock in trade.

My name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and i dey inside Bush Radio Academy come and beat me