By G9ija

On social media, there are popular images of Peter Obi and Datti Ahmed’s faces on containers of rice and groundnut oil. With these images, the internet is not finding it funny, claiming that Obidient supporters are acting hypocritically and using double standards.

According to them, Obidient people are always bringing pictures of Tinubu’s photos on bags of rice and other commodities disparaging the APC leader as one who is out to bribe the electorates, so why are they silent when the same things they accuse the PDP and APC of are also practicable with them?

The harsh reality is that electioneering season must include putting your candidates’ faces on items; it is nothing more than an advertisement. The same thing happens at weddings, but because some people lack the ability to campaign on issues, they resort to pettiness to bring down other aspirants.

For Pete’s sake, these are one of the most powerful ways of selling one’s candidate; it has been proven time and again to be very effective, and most of the time these things are done by enthusiastic fans rather than the aspirants themselves.

So, now that the Obidient Movement has learned that these things are not unique to specific candidates or political parties, can we all move on? If a crowd comes to a Tinubu rally, they will say “e don pay them,” while a crowd at an Obi rally they will say “the people are wiser, they are tuning up.”

Abeg make una dey take una drugs.

As the electoral campaign gets underway, I keep saying that propaganda and lies should be used with caution because no one has a monopoly on distorted facts. If the Obidient do not want to campaign with facts, they should be aware that WHO CHOP BELLEFUL GO STILL HUNGRY.