By G9ija

‘Girls with Period’ a Not for Profit organization ‘launched its Pad Stash project in Makoko on the 30th of August 2022.

The Pad Stash Project is an initiative to provide sanitary supplies on a monthly basis to people living in rural communities who cannot afford these basic amenities.

The first stop for the Pad Stash Project was the girls and young women of Makoko Community.

Being the first of its kind in Africa, the Pad Stash Project is guaranteed to promote menstrual hygiene and most importantly provide for women and girls in impoverished communities who cannot afford this vital need.

The ‘Girls with Period’ team thereafter registered over 100 beneficiaries for the empowerment scheme. The beneficiaries will be receiving sanitary pad supplies monthly.

Membership cards and membership forms were provided and registration was done according to names, date of birth, and addresses amongst other parameters.

They further educated the young women and girls on topics relating to menstrual hygiene, sex education and health care in general.

“We not only intend to make sanitary products free and at their disposal on a monthly basis, but we also intend to educate them about menstrual hygiene and health care, sex education, confidence and empower them with skills that will fetch them money in the nearest future. The plan is to help reduce and totally eliminate period poverty from Africa,” Founder, Patricia Vin-Okopi said

The team visited the Minangan health Center Makoko (House on Lagoon) to see women and girls admitted and also get to know how their health care system operates.

The medical practitioner at the health center, Dr Ajoke Hazume, stated that they had a poor health system as they do not have enough medicine to treat patients and pregnant women.

‘Health care has deteriorated as they can’t afford necessary medicine for treatment, as most female inhabitants who fall ill or get infections from using dirty wrappers for the period, don’t have access to these vital needs due to lack of funds,” Dr Ajoke Hazume said.

The beneficiaries were handed hygiene packs containing sanitary pads and panty liners and were also shown how to use sanitary items.

“We are grateful for the Pad Stash initiative and are also soliciting funds to enable us get the necessary medicine and health equipment for treatment and childbirth,” she added.

Chairman of the Board of directors for ‘Girls With Period’, Ifeoma ‘Oma Areh further said.

“We are happy to put smiles on the faces of these young women and girls with the Pad Stash Project and we intend to extend this initiative to other geopolitical zones in Nigeria”.

The Pad Stash project seeks to educate and empower more women and girls in the nearest future and is open to the prospect of collaborating with like-minded people who are aware of challenges faced by females, especially the not-so-privileged ones.