By G9ija

After Sportsmail discovered fresh proof of a shocking player confession to using a fake birth certificate in an official investigation that the Ecuador Football Federation [FEF] covered up, Ecuador now risked being eliminated from the World Cup.

The shocking information in FIFA’s investigation into the Byron Castillo issue comes just days before their Appeals Commission is scheduled to rule on it on Thursday.

t might change who Qatar will play in the World Cup’s opening match and who England will play in the round of 16.

Castillo, a right-back who made eight appearances in World Cup qualifying, is at the center of an intriguing case involving alleged phony identities and an apparent cover-up by the Ecuador Federation. It centers on whether Castillo was born within Ecuador or across the border in Colombia.

Sportsmail today released an audio of an interview Castillo made to investigators four years ago. In this conversation, which will shock South American football and cause FIFA a lot of trouble, he:

States his birth year as 1995 with the year 1998 listed on his Ecuadorian birth certificate.
Gives his full name as Bayron Javier Castillo Segura, which corresponds to the information on his Colombian birth certificate, rather than the name Byron David Castillo Segura that appears on the Ecuadorian certificate.

Describes in great detail leaving Tumaco, Colombia, for San Lorenzo, Ecuador, to pursue a football career.
Identifies the businessman from Ecuador who gave him a new name.
The letter adds that they have audio evidence of the player’s confession and that Castillo is a 1995 graduate of Tumaco High School and a citizen of Colombia. Despite this, the FEF declared Castillo to be an Ecuadorian citizen in 2019.

Byron Castillo’s conflicting statements and irregularities
Since receiving a formal protest in April from the Chilean FA that Castillo was ineligible to represent Ecuador because he is a Colombian citizen who entered Ecuador illegally, FIFA has been looking into the matter.

Eliminating them from the tournament at this late stage would be a significant humiliation for FIFA, who in June dismissed Chile’s complaint with the finding that Castillo was born in Ecuador.

Qatar is scheduled to play Ecuador in the opening match of the World Cup on November 20. The June hearing did not include this material.