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King Charles III will likely follow the political course of late Queen Elizabeth II by repairing the international relations “damaged” by less experienced politicians with the UK’s former European partners, Mark Garnett, a senior lecturer at the Department of Politics Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University, told Sputnik.
“Queen Elizabeth was a very experienced diplomat, but too often she found herself having to repair international relationships, which had been damaged by less diplomatic politicians. It is possible that King Charles will have to play the same role, especially with Britain’s former European partners, notably France,” Garnett, also an author of books and articles on post-1945 UK politics, said.

The expert went on to say that the monarchy is one of the UK’s remaining diplomatic assets, but it tends to be “taken for granted” because Elizabeth II played the role “so well for so long,” adding that the king would try to follow his mother’s example, especially in dealings with the Commonwealth of Nations to which Elizabeth II was “so devoted.”
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II sits in the Regency Room at Buckingham Palace in London 19 April 2006 as she looks at some of the cards which have been sent to her for her 80th birthday – Sputnik International, 1920, 13.09.2022

“It is a hard act to follow, but at least King Charles has had many years of preparation. He also knows how difficult life can be for the heir to the throne, and no doubt is planning to give a more meaningful role to his son William,” Garnett also said.

He added that the UK changes prime ministers “so often that more than ever it needs the continuity, which the monarchy has provided.”
Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, at the age of 96, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland surrounded by her family, after over 70 years on the British throne. Her eldest son, Charles III, became the new king of the United Kingdom immediately after her death, but the official ceremony took place on Saturday at the St. James’s Palace in London.