By G9ija

In the coming days, Nigerians will launch massive campaigns for their preferred presidential aspirants, so many factors will determine the electorate’s support, one of which is the party’s support for its candidates.

The Presidential election, which is the focus of all eyes, will undoubtedly require the participation of all stakeholders; for the PDP to be able to reclaim power, it must be at the forefront of party discipline and comportment.

All is not well with the PDP, and it is not just about Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike’s rebellious actions, but a case of the majority of Southern Governors in the PDP fighting for a stake in the party before, during, and after the presidential elections next year.

We must understand that win or lose, these Southern governors must ensure their stake in the party, and with the full COLONIZATION of the party by the Northern apparatchik, it is time for serious negotiations, or else every Mallam with his kettle.

Wike would be an extremely good representative of their interests(Southern Govs) in the party, and he would be an excellent choice as the next PDP National Chairman. So there are serious issues, as Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde stated, “if the PDP cannot restructure itself as a party, it cannot restructure the country”, a clear rebuke to Atiku.

According to rumours, Atiku has a covert agreement with the core northern cabal to seize control of the PDP and place it firmly in the hands of these goons, who they claim to have a very sinister ace up their sleeves.

Now, Atiku has avoided meeting with Wike and his team like the plague, which is seen by the followers of these Governors as a slap in the face to their principal. There are confirmed reports that Atiku has bought the kite that PDP can win the elections without Rivers State, and their bargain is to secure majority votes in their Northern region and 25% votes across the rest of the states.

If you look closely, you will notice that the PDP is engaging in an ethic/regional dimension in which each region will want to vote for their man.

Atiku isn’t particularly smart , but a person like Tambuwal should be the APC’s primary concern. The guy is smart, was once a speaker, has friends from both parties, and so on.

This brings up the question of the Southern Governors supporting Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC candidate who is also from the South. They appear to have better chances of accommodation if they work diligently for Tinubu’s victory.

In the South West, when the elections will be held, the PDP will be in charge of two states—Osun and Oyo—while the APC will be in charge of the other four states. Seyi Makinde of Oyo is in Wike’s camp, leaving Adeleke in charge of Atiku’s campaign.

No matter what, the Yorubas will never abandon their son.

The South-South is currently a battleground, with the PDP controlling five states while the APC holds the state of Cross Rivers. The good news about this zone is that, if we are to adhere to the regional sentiment these PDPs are flying, either Peter Obi or Asiwaju Tinubu should come first.

Peter Obi now has complete control of the South East, with the PDP and APC trailing behind. Unfortunately, votes here would be decimated no thanks to IPOB and the unknown gunmen.

The APC appears to have a stronghold in the northwest region, with six of the seven governors belonging to the ruling party. This is where the structure we always talk about comes into play; the APC is certain to receive at least 40% of votes from these regions even if the ethnic card is fully exploited.

Because the opposition parties have consistently claimed that the APC is a Fulani/Hausa tribal party, the APC has been successful in portraying itself as a Northern party.

The Northcentral zone, like the Northwest, has five of its six governors from the APC, while the Northeast has three of its six governors from the APC.

Opinion polls already place Tinubu ahead in the electoral battle, and with Atiku unable to restructure his party, there appears to be no hope of defeating the Jagaban.

As a result, the PDP may enter the presidential election as a WOUNDED VICTIM due to Atiku’s inability to manage the internal crises of the party.