By G9ija

Tinubu Set To Steal The Show As Wike Fire More Warning Shots At Atiku, Tease Secondus

“I was listening, watching, they said there is one man they call Secondus. They said he was dancing, celebrating that NEC gave their person vote of confidence.

“He (Secondus) forgets history that the same NEC through Aliyu Babangida who moved a motion for a vote of confidence supported by the same person – Ndudi Elumelu. They gave him a vote of confidence, what happened? He left office,” Nyesom Wike.

Wike is not even taking things lightly with the PDP NWC and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubarkar, with the way things are going the PDP may soon find itself going into extinction; with about 8 governors not supporting the party’s Presidential candidate, it appears Olympus is finally falling.

Wike further said “We don’t fight and go back. If you like, you can have as many votes of confidence, it is not my business; my business is to make sure the right thing is done and the right thing must be done whether today or tomorrow.

“We are only waiting for INEC for them to blow the whistle. When they blow the whistle, we will know those who are in charge of Rivers State and those who are mere visitors to the state.”

So, how will Atiku campaign for the PDP in Rivers State when the time comes? Remember that Rivers holds the record for having the fourth highest number of registered voters; play with Rivers, and you may be playing with your future.

By ignoring Wike’s cries, Atiku is following in the footsteps of former President Goodluck Jonathan prior to the 2015 presidential election. As you are aware, Makinde turned down the chairmanship of the PDP governorship forum. In declining the position, Makinde stated, “The PDP cannot restructure Nigeria if it is not willing to restructure itself.”

This brings us to the main issues, there is a concerted plan by some PDP governors to leave the party if their demands are not met and align with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC, these PDP governors are similar to their APC counterparts who insisted on power shifting to the South.

They maintain that if Atiku remains the PDP candidate, the party should be restructured. The truth is that Atiku has miscalculated and may end up being an Orphan presidential candidate with no bite.

In the same way that the PDP found it convenient to oust Goodluck Jonathan prior to the 2015 elections, these governors would do the same for the PDP and switch to the APC without a single regret. Don’t forget that Amaechi led the PDP gang of Governors that gave GEJ the “Red Pepper” treatment; history has a way of repeating itself.

On the other hand, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is preparing to steal the show with a strategic alliance that will bring a major Tsunami that will sweep Atiku away for good.

Ikpeazu, Makinde, Ortom stands with Wike firmly and without these political figures of what bite is left of the PDP? Meanwhile this battle is not about Secondus, or Iyorchia Ayu, it is strictly an unfinished business between the PDP southern Governors and Atiku, the game has only just begun.

Meanwhile, take a close look at the featured image in the article; do you believe these two photographs are merely coincidental? Wike and Tinubu don align no worry yourself.