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Maureen Esisi Says – “My biggest struggle now is staying happy”


By G9ija

Nigerian businesswoman, Maureen Esisi a.k.a Red Vigor, has opened up on the state of her mind following the death of her father.

Maureen, who lost her dad few weeks ago, took to her Instagram page to reveal that she has been struggling with being happy.

Maureen Esisi writes

According to her, it used to be easy for her to be full of life and maintain a happy countenance, but it has been hard lately.

The content creator, who was previously married to actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, said happiness feels like a luxury she can’t afford right now.

She wrote,

“My Biggest Struggle Now is Staying Happy… it used to be too Easy for me… Now it feels more like Luxury I can’t Afford”

A while back, Maureen shared a screenshot of the message she received from a follower who wants to pimp her out to his friend.

The follower stated that Maureen would stay for three to four nights with her friend who resides in a highbrow area of Lagos, and would be paid the said amount and extra tip if everything goes well.

The brand influencer who expressed shock at the follower’s audacity, wondered if some people are mentally stable.

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