By G9ija

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party for the 2023 elections, Peter Obi , has reacted to the allegation that his campaign has received $150 million donation from the diaspora.

Obi spoke in reaction to the allegation that he had flouted the rules of the Independent National Electoral Commission.

A group under the aegis of Tinubu-Shettima Connect had urged the INEC to disqualify him over the alleged funding as it violates the Electoral Act on campaign funding.

Speaking on the development during a meeting with Nigerians in London, United Kingdom, the former two-term Anambra State Governor said: “Nobody has given me anything.

“That is speculation.

“What I need is not what they would give me, but what they would give Nigeria because we need them to turn around Nigeria.

“This is the energy, the capacity that we need to turn around Nigeria.

“Every country that was turned around was done by the diaspora.

“Even in the Bible, Joseph, who left, later came back to feed his people.”

Obi also spoke on the insinuation that his meetings with Nigerians in the diaspora amounted to campaign, which violates the laws of the game: “It is not campaign.

“It is consultation.

“I am consulting Nigeria diasporans to know why they should be involved in the Nigerian electoral process.

“And you can see from my conversation and everything that what I am doing is saying let’s get involved.

“They are the most critical components of turning around Nigeria.

“The investment Nigeria needs to turn around is diasporans.

“If they believe in Nigeria and bring their resources, both in terms of their material, talent and energy, we will turn around the country.

“Nigeria 2023 election should not be based on ethnicity, religion, connection, ‘my turn’ or any bias.

“It must be on character, competence, capacity and determination to deal with the problems of Nigeria.”