By G9ija

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, on Tuesday, while alleging threats to his life, amidst the crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party, said those plotting to kill him will die first before they get to him.

Wike spoke on Tuesday when he inaugurated a new Faculty of Agriculture for Rivers State University and commissioned the construction of residential blocks for the faculty in Etche Local Government Area of the state.

The governor said he would never bow to any threat or intimidation and would never appeal to anybody. He maintained as well that nobody could buy him over.

He said: “Don’t rush. At the appropriate time, we will take decisions on what to do. Since 1999, we have brought the highest votes for the PDP. I challenge any state to say they brought more votes than Rivers. Since 1999 I challenge any state in terms of support for the PDP to say it had supported the party more than Rivers.

“Then since 1999 show me one federal project in this state. If you want our votes, tell me what you will give to Rivers. Nothing can be free again. Enough is enough of using Rivers and thinking that we are foolish people, we don’t know what to do with our money.

“Enough is enough of using Rivers people thinking that they will bring the votes and when they bring you will push them away. Tell us what you are going to do for the people of Rivers not for me. There is nothing any of them can do for me. I am interested in my state. Nobody can buy me.

“I am not going to look for positions at the federal level. Have I not been a minister before? So what are you going to entice me now as a person? Nothing. It is for the interest of my state. If you don’t tell me what the state will gain, then forget me.