By G9ija

Many arguments have been invested in the probability that Insightpreneur, a monthly webinar and annual digital conference hosted by, will be a one-time free thing.

This argument was spur among fans of the brand who attended the first and the second edition of the Insightpreneur Digital Conference in 2020 and 2021 respective and are now looking forward to the 2022 edition, which will hold on the Insightpreneur YouTube Channel (Live).

Taiwo Sotikare, CEO of, and the convener of the Insightpreneur Webinar, has, however, attested that the brand would do everything in its capacity to continue making the webinar free to everyone.

He made this confirmation known in a press published on the company website. “We hosted our first Insightpreneur Webinar in November 2020, two months from when we started our company, It webinar was held on our Insightpreneur Telegram group, and we recorded about 350 live participants. We, however, held the second edition on our YouTube channel, where we have about 2000 Live participants cut across different aspects of the program. Our primary purpose for hosting the webinar is to invite business experts to impact people with problem-solving skills, money-making ventures, and career-boosting opportunities. And this goal never changes. So I really don’t think we will have any reason to charge Nigerians and Africans for any of our webinar. “

He further disclosed that this year’s edition would also hold on the brand YouTube channel,, and it will remain free.