By G9ija

To give the country a sense of direction and firmly put it back on the path of sustainable growth and development, there are areas of urgent need that must be addressed.

Accord presidential candidate, Professor Christopher Imumolen says he is not going to waste time in fixing the rot in virtually every sector of the Nigerian economy should he be elected the country’s president in next year’s highly anticipated polls.

While articulating his manifesto for 2023, the youthful presidential aspirant identified very critical areas of the economy that has remained problematic for the country since it gained independence in 1960.

According to him, true development can only begin when every abandoned projects scattered around the country are completed, while juxtaposing it with fighting insecurity that has seemed to have, to a large extent, discouraged investment by both local and foreign investors in the nation’s economy.

“The issue of fixing about 56,000 abandoned projects littered all over the country is very dear to my heart,” he opened while reeling out his manifesto.

“In those abandoned projects lie the destiny of many a job seeker. Imagine how the nation’s unemployment statistics will suddenly be reduced to it’s barest minimum when these abandoned projects which include manufacturing industries are completed and fully become operational?” he said.

“In those abandoned projects also lie the prospects of generating raw materials to feed other industries. For instance, our steel rolling mills were originally designed to feed the larger Ajaokuta Steel Company of the eighties.

“This is why am very passionate about revisiting these projects that have been left to rot away by successive governments over the past four, five decades.

“Next will be a well articulated plan to increase the border control systems that has so far proved inadequate in stemming the influx of illegal movement of men, harmful materials like drugs, firearms and contraband into the country.

“Coming next on what my government would do if it gains the people’s overwhelming mandate would be the educational system. Do you know that Nigeria’s educational system is the worst funded in all of Africa?

“A system that is always in perpetual turmoil with ASUU going on strike intermittently for as long as five months without a sitting government finding a clue as to how to arrest the situation does not augur well for the sound education of our children.

“Such infractions will not be allowed to happen under my watch. As a matter of fact, I intend to fix Nigeria’s topsy-turvy educational system six months after coming into power.

“Another critical area we won’t delay in addressing is the issue of productive engagement of the increasing number of school leavers without jobs.

“Aside the fact that we intend to complete and revive moribund or dead industries to serve as a source of job creation, we shall be formulating policies that will encourage local production and manufacturing.

“This, we will be doing by helping SMEs to grow through provision of funding and capacity building. Farmers will not be left out as they shall experience increased funding in the areas of getting loans and subsidies to enhance their agricultural activities.

“Then, we shall also vigorously seek to end the spectre of darkness that has seemed to envelope the land because of inadequate power supply.

“We are looking at fixing Nigeria’s current electricity generation, transmission and distribution debacle — a situation that has remained somewhat intractable for a long time in the space of two years of my administration.

“Also, our health sector shall experience a total revolution as serious effort will be made to build hospitals, clinics, dispensaries of world class standards.

“The aim is to discourage the present uninhibited flight of our highly valued and well trained medical personnel to Europe, Asia and America, as well as stop the current trend of having Nigerians travel overseas for their medical needs.

“Lastly, we shall re-brand Nigeria, using the best aspects of our natural endowments in the arts, music, human capacity, sports etc, to sell our country positively to the outside world.

“At this critical stage of our national development, Nigerians need a leader like me that has the capacity, who has a charitable heart, is humane, a unifier, as well as one that is ready to sacrifice all that he has for the sole purpose of developing his country,” he summed up.