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Did The 2-Million-Man Walk For Tinubu Hold In Kano?


By G9ija

  1. Tinubu Support Group has been planning a solidarity Walk in Kano since February.
  2. Governor Ganduje was appointed Chairman of the solidarity Walk committee.
  3. Over 120 different Tinubu support groups signed up for the walk and each were asked to mobilize separately to boost the number of participants.
  4. The walk was scheduled to hold on 31st July from the Emir palace to the Government house
  5. Tinubu inaugurated the committee about 14 days to the date.
  6. Tinubu Supporters boasted that Tinubu’s solidarity Walk committee has more members than the number of votes Peter Obi will get in Kano.
  7. Today is 11 August and we never hear anything about the solidarity Walk.

Please what happened to our two million solidarity Walk?

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