By G9ija

A Cameroonian woman’s three children mended up dead after she attempted to take the life of her husband through food poisoning.

It was gathered that the woman wanted to kill her husband, so she prepared a meal for him and reportedly added a poisonous substance to it.

Unfortunately, their three children got to the food before the husband; they ate the poisoned food and died a few moments later.

The woman, [who was not at home when the children ate the poisoned food, returned home to find the lifeless bodies of her three children.

It was gathered that she was shocked to see her dead children, so she decided to take the poison too. Neighbours intervened and took her to the hospital where she is now receiving treatment.

According to a source who is familiar with the situation, the woman planned to murder her husband, Akabum Watson, who is a legal practitioner, because he complained about her extravagant lifestyle.